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Introduction to Ancient Greek History
Ancient Israel
European Cultural History 1500 – 1815
European Cultural History 1660-1870
European Cultural History 1880-1930
Science, Magic, and Religion
The Ancient Mediterranean World
The Early Middle Ages, 284-1000
Introduction to the Old Testament (Hebrew Bible)

A Romp Through the Philosophy of Mind
A Romp Through Ethics for Complete Beginners
History of Christian Philosophy
The Sacred and The Secular
Introduction to Philosophy
Philosophy for Beginners
General Philosophy

Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art lectures
Contemporary Issues in Philosophy of Mind and Cognition
Lecture Course on Epistemology
Existentialism in Literature and Film
Introduction to Logic
Introduction to Philosophy
Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil, 1971-72
Nietzsche on Mind and Nature
Philosophy In Film and Other Media
Philosophy of Language
Philosophy for Beginners
Philosophy of mind
Philosophy of Religion
Lecture Course in Plato’s Republic
Science vs. Religion
The Nature of Mind
Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art lectures